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Rate the game: 5 4 3 2 1. Ahri from League of Legends is extremely hot. She is a seductive goddess who is annoying to play against. Well, now you can fuck her as you wish. Fuck her mouth, pound her pussy and ravage her tits. Enjoy yourself in this top ranked hentai animation.

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Name: Register Your Comment:. Jonny dn't find most of these myself, but I did find another website where I found these: All secrets in this game, found by exhaustive search of the frames: Leaf - Click abra twice, bulba once, abra twice to get her naked. Also you can click Abra twice, then Bulbasaur twice, then abra again for a scene of him selling stuff to an indecisive pikachu.

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Kris - Click the dick after the cum scene for a short blowjob scene. Hilda - wait a short time without clicking and a sun will appear. Click it for a more detailed animation. This works for all three poses.

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Lyra - Not a secret per se, but the animation Nikki Bob Who is crazy girl and how I cum in her hair? Well then First we get Nidalee, now Ahri even though this has existed for a while. Thanks er. Castiel On title screen next to the H of Huntress, there is an easter egg.

RedRidingHood You can have my hard cock.

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