Art with carla game

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Anyway the game is playable and the story is complete. The most important thing Sadly, my English is bad and write in English spends a lot of time for me; so I prefer spend my time working in the game instead in a bad translation. I would like help to translate the game to other languages, the way is the same as the other game: only edit the file "cu.

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If you have any question, just ask. Madness is working in French translation now, so if you want to help in French translation, please, contact with him and split the work. If anyone want to translate to any other language, please say it here: so if other person want to translate to the same language may contact with the first translator and split the work.

I'm sorry about the delay. I think the story is important so, if you can not read Spanish, I think is better you wait to the translation for you language. Thanks to Regardie, pipboy abd TheBrain. Madness, Serge and MArco I hope you enjoy the game. Any feedback is appreciated. Last edited by Arizona on Fri, 16Aug12edited 9 times in total.

Re: CIL: Carla v1. Going to try again tomorrow! But I have a question.

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I got to the point where I'm feeling I'm almost there, in the 20th day, things going smoothly, and then she says "I'm not really confortable about all this". Is there a heart threshold that I have to pass? I'm playing in the hard mode!

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Up to that point, just for the record, I'd balanced exercising and studying in nearly equal rates about half and halfI didn't make any art with carla game at the classes art buff here, hahaand had been tactful and all. I feel kind of on a bind, as I really don't know where I made a mistake. The only points I can think I did something wrong are in the sofa scene, after the rain, and not having enough heart points. Have I the right hunch? Great game, though, congratulations! It is a very good that, as a player, I started to care about the characters, and wasn't really enraged or frustrated when I failed - and boy did I fail.

It didn't feel unfair or gamey. It's just a long way to say that your writing is pretty good, haha. Carla doesn't give the feel that she's there just as things to conquer and ravage, and that adds a lot to the enjoyment :3 Again, thanks for your work! I'm still playing, but i'll give some sugestions.

The parts where you chat in the Phone with Carla are very troublesome, the waiting time makes the game very slow. Specially during replays.

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Just one more thing, the easy option is still very hard! You could make a mode with infinite saves, or easy progression putting secret scenes in the harder modes.

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Es una historia que otra vez occurrio en realidad? Falta el "continuar".

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Estoy usando google chrome en un macbook pro. Yo solo he tenido una escena con "ducharse y arreglarse" per las otras vezes no he notado nada diferente. Sorry for my bad English, my level is basic. Tengo que golpear todas las preguntas?

Art with carla game

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Art with Carla