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Hmm, well, you might just be making a really bad choice of date. If you pick a date that she's really not in the mood for and that also doesn't suit your skills, it is possible to get a negative result from the date. Sometimes saves from older versions won't work once the game is updated. This is unavoidable if you've saved on a scene I later need to change particularly the apartment, which sometimes needs work.

Saving in scenes with a separate loading screen, like the flashbacks and sex scenes, will likely be a little more reliable. The game is non-linear and deed for multiple runs through anyway, so I've deed two features in to ease the process, particularly during this early access phase:.

For sex scenes you're usually given a prompt of whether you'd like to skip bbben games or not, though, just in case. What version, Windows or Mac? And what kind of error is it giving you? Does it happen at start up?

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Some time in November, probably. I have to get the next patrons' update done first and then I can put out v0. I limited it to 64 bit to improve stability, but I don't know if it was really the main issue anyway. I might put out a 32 bit version; there just hasn't been a lot of demand for it. It waits for a few seconds, leaving you in black deliberately, then it wants you to click through and it'll start the next bbben games. I think that's most likely overblown by people who want Patreon to fail.

If they actually bbben games go down then I'll start an elsewhere, but I don't think it's very likely. If by that you're asking if it's based on static 3D renders for the graphics, then yes. There are a small of animations but most of it is not developed that way.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. It requires some kind of special export package that I'm not familiar with, so I don't really know what it would take right now. I looked into it ly and there didn't seem to be an obvious guide on how to do it. If I figure out how and it turns out to be easy then I'd release an Android version.

I'll take that on board, though - the title screen could probably use a visible version. I've heard this issue can be because of OSX's unzip features changing permissions and thus causing errors. If you change unzipping utilities that might help.

Thanks very much, that's kind of you to say! And in fact I'm getting ready to do an early Patreon release for May because I've got a bunch of new content ready to go. Oh, that's even trickier to figure out, then. Honestly, I haven't received these reports from any other site, so maybe it's something to do with this particular version.

When I put out another public update maybe hopefully! This might be to do with the latest update of the Mac OS, I'm afraid. Some people have reported that since that update the game won't even open. In the free version? Well, I'll put out a new version once I've finished the Bbben games story that will happen in a few days, but it'll be for patrons at first then once I've got some other updates out so I can put out the free version.

I like to have some new stuff for patrons, of course, but I also like to make the public releases fairly big updates with complete parts of the story, that have been thoroughly tested, to minimise the stress that comes with putting out public updates. Sorry about that; some of the technical changes I've been making recently have made the game incompatible with old saves. You can skip the introduction to speed up gameplay again, but I'll also have another technical update out some time soon that will have better skip options allowing you to quickly get your progress back to where you were.

Strange - if it was working fine up to that point then it should still keep going. Have you tried it a few times? It might just work eventually. Honestly, I included that because people requested it and I had the option to do an Android export in this engine, but I don't really know how it works, sorry! Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I do plan to make a scene gallery, and I also plan on improving the UI, so hopefully when I do it will address your issues. That's waiting on the engine getting patched, bbben games.

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I haven't seen any problem with screens not responding to mouse clicks before, though. I'll take a look at that. Thanks for saying so, I'm glad you're interested! I'd say the bbben games public update won't come until January or February, though, but it will be a fairly big update when I make it, because it'll have Nobuko's story. Yes, there will bbben games updates coming out as I make public releases. That's a bit of an annoying stability bug that's been cropping up for some people, I know.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't - I'm working on trying to fix it, but it's a little hard as I can't replicate it myself. When I get it sorted I'll a patched version. In the meantime I've heard some people fix it by simply trying again several times, but I can't guarantee it. Oh good, I'm glad to hear that. I wish I knew what caused the bug, but at least you can play through now.

Are you running a game based on a save from an earlier version of the game? Honestly, it's very strange if the door just isn't available, because the code for that part is pretty simple and I haven't seen any failure for it to appear. You're right that it probably shouldn't matter that it's the Mac version. That error is very unusual and I haven't seen it before.

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I was on holiday when you posted this so I didn't see it. What were you installing? The game doesn't come with an installer and you shouldn't need to do that. Log in Register. Indie game store Free games Fun games Horror games. More Block. Creator of. Add to collection. Shuji has forgotten the last month. How did he get so bbben games girlfriends? BBBen 93 days ago. No problem, I'm glad you're enjoying it! BBBen 94 days ago. BBBen days ago. Ah, this might be happening if you're trying to use a save from an older version.

The game is non-linear and deed for multiple runs through anyway, so I've deed two features in to ease the process, particularly during this early access phase: 1 When you start a new game you can skip the intro taking you straight to the apartment on day 1 or you can get an accelerated start taking you to day 7, just before Emi, Nobuko and Shizu's sex scenes. That's strange, but I'm glad it ended up working. BBBen 1 year ago.

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I normally label the folders. If you've got the itch. You'd be correct. Great, thanks for letting me know - that helps! Does it happen at the same point - the day 2 morning talk with the girls? No, not really - it's more of a male dom story.

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Not at the moment, no, it doesn't work. You're right, I should have taken that version down, sorry about that. Pervert Action: Timelapse v0. Emi in Focus comments. Did you go to the entrance and click on the doorway?

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That's the way out of the apartment. Glad you like them. BBBen 2 years ago.

Bbben games

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