Beyond the dune game

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Pick Duncan Idaho in the communications room and start the routes in order:.

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Now ask Jessica to follow you and meet the Reverend Mother in the library requires 2 correct answers. Get the ornithopter, go to the village, talk to the smuggler and choose:.

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Visit the sietches mapmeet a freemen, and keep visiting them until you unlock the shorthair freemen Ambarin. Then use the Voice learned from Jessica in act 1 on each fremen after:.

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Send spice to the emperor communications room to unlock Stilgar in front of the palace. Then Make him meet Duke Leto, then visit the 2 new sietches.

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Get enouch spice, skip days or also send the freemen without harvesters to a an area with a high chance of sandworms. Now you can go to the smuggler and play any of the scenes.

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Behind the Dune