Closed game english patch

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But turn your head towards the heavens and you may find hope in a place called Caelum Urbs. Those few born in that city in the sky never experience want, hunger, or disease. It may be pure entertainment for some debauched soul, but what have you got to lose? With art by the legendary Japanese artist, Seishoujo from Starless and Bible Black fameClosed GAME evolves from his works, culminating in an epic eroge visual novel that is filled with exciting choices that will impact your story and survivability in this ruthless death game.

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This is game over, start again the game and look for a walkthrough. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ama Ie Free Download. Chou Hitoumeguri Free Download.

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Hifuu Fragment Free Download. Screenshots Closed Game Screenshot. Closed Game Screenshot.

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More Visual Novels More from Author. Wondering if version 1. Please comment!

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Random Posts. November 1, Free Download Googledrive September 14, Angel Magister Free Download July 3, Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions.

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