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As much as I hate diaper fetishes, I love the developer to this game. Aika is one of the greatest names in the porn game development industry, and you better make sure you remember that. I am not an easy guy to impress. You can think of it as a subway route simulator that exists to let you build rooms that are interconnected. Sound confusing? I hate the damn thing.

I hate it because it hates graphics.

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But what does any of this have to do with Diaper Quest? Your choice. That game is built in Inform 7, and so is Diaper Quest. Diaper Quest, though, has no transgender elements or sissification. Instead, it has diapers. You get stuck in diapers, and you have to shit in diapers, over and over again, while being raped or raping other people. This is actually a damn good game, even though the interface to it looks worse than an actual soiled diaper. The interface is tacked on. You choose what to do by typing it out.

The interface tries to alleviate some of that stress, though. These kinds of games take finesse and talent. Text-based games are all about the writing, and there are several diaper sex games to approach things. You could go the literary genius route, like in Corruption of Champions 2. Too many descriptions. Aika is better than that. She seems to have some sort of deeper understanding of what makes people hard. And for some reason that I do not understand, she has a deep understanding of most fetishes.

There are no limits when you play an Aika game. If you want to observe a specific object, you can. And keep in mind, I hate diaper shit. You can never know for sure what will happen if you touch a certain item. It could be useful, or it could be deadly. You just get screwed, both literally and figuratively. And, you can fight people in standard combat. You knock people out; they knock you down.

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Now, if you get knocked down, you also get screwed. Not everyone is hostile, though, and you can make friends across the various dungeons, but they have their motivations as well. This is perfect RPG gameplay, through and through. Let me give you some advice about playing Aika games, including Diaper Quest.

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The point of this world is for it to fuck you up, put you in a diaper and get you to shit yourself, over and over. Well, then it might seem counter-intuitive to try and fight your urges, right? Sort of. For your first playthrough, I suggest you flat out fuck up your character, completely.

Literally, go in like a madman and get fucked six ways to Sunday. Turn your character into an absolute diaper slave. The more you play the game, the better you get, and the hotter the temptation becomes. Time for me to blow your mind a little bit. It absolutely blows my fucking mind. Plus, she uplo new updates that stuff her games full of content all the fucking time.

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The community absolutely diaper sex games her for it. Her games always remain absolutely free. Either way, you get all the games for free all the time. You can go straight to Aika and get your fill. I know the interface looks like a turn-off, but bear with it.

It will be super worth it in the end. I promise you. You will have ridiculously hardcore faps every single time, and you will end up replaying the game. You get a hard recommendation from me. D diaperquest. Diaper Quest D diaperquest. Patreon Powers Time for me to blow your mind a little bit. PornGames hates Diaper Quest. Free Porn Games. Patreon Adult Games. Text Based Porn Games. See all Text Based Porn Games VR Porn Games. Furry Porn Games. Gay Porn Games. Mobile Porn Games. Download Porn Games. Visual Novel Porn Games. Adult Dating Sim Games. RPG Porn Games. Porn Puzzle Games.

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Diaper sex games

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