Dream job sex games

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Sorry, Flash has reached its end of support When you arrive at your office this morning, Sam is no where to be found.

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This is weird as she is never late. May-be you should try to call her? You've got the feeling that something is going on Try to find out why Sam didn't come to work this morning but stay also focus on your day-to-day chores! Emma Logan's article is to be published very soon and you heard that the housekeeper has not really been a hard-worker lately You didn't call me either. Well yes What about the article?

Where are you? I've got good news too! The article will be published!

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Not yet but it will be very favourable! Of course! The little blonde one? Consider it done.

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Wait, your news Tell me! How lucky is she! It's great! Not at all Really but when are you leaving? And you were about to leave without a proper goodbye! That's out of the question. Come and see me. I don't give a damn!

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I want to see you! I will buy some champagne! See you tonight! See you! Are you sure everything is alright? I care about my staff. But you don't seem very involved in your work. That's not all. You're not very professional Go on Are you sure? It'd be a pity Are you telling me the truth? And what is it? That's very exciting!

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Why not! I see! Click on her asshole next Be my guest! And thank you! And what about me? I'm going to miss you! Let's have a drink and forget! Just one glass To us! So, what do you think about this champagne? We could play a game! I don't know. Your tights! Your panties! OK, I'll check! Thank you! It's a great gift!

Wait, Have a seat on the sofa for 5 mins. Click on the upper button of her shirt Click on the lower button of her shirt Click on the lower button of her shirt 2 Click on the lower button of her shirt 3 Click on the lower button of her shirt 4 Click on the last button of her shirt Click on the buttons of her shirt 1 click is enoughat the right and above her breast next Click on the top of the zipper of her dress it's dream job sex games little at its right next Click on the top of her panties next Click on her nipple at YOUR right important next Click on her nipple at YOUR left important next Click on her pussy next next Of course!

How could I forget you? Walkthrough for Dream job new generation season 2 part 12 next next next next next - Continue - - Continue - - Call Sam - next - Call Jessy - next Very well and you? Netsabeth just for your information I hate seeing guys my competitors in games like this, so dildo scenes for me are only things I want to see, not your "real" sex scenes. I will love to see game, where you will be able to live with girl, buy her clothes, make her masturbate for you etc.

Game with big aspect of psychology especially depraved one. From other side interactive games like on this site are the future of porn, not "interactive" video porn games, like some other big sites. So keep a good work, and try to think about concentrating on this site, and making much more games per month.

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Thank you. Hi Tossen, for me, guys are not "competitors" and i have enough imagination to imagine that i am the guy in the scene. To me, it's more stimulating, question of point of view. But i understand you. On the other hand, i totally agree with you about depraved psychology, more interactivity and the fact that these games are the future of porn games.

Totally agree. Finally, as i reply Julien in french, i totally trust this site to make a really good game next time and more quickly. Netsabeth, Greenape, idk95 Sorry you didn't like it but please be fair: this is the same place because this is where the story takes place and no, this is not the same scene. Criticism is ok on FSG but try to be more specific: talking about quality can mean very different things :. OK Julien. Sam admin Netsabeth. Netsabeth, merci de votre confiance et de vos critiques constructives. Are you kidding?

Dream job sex games

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