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The field of unusual sex is subjected, like any other, to f and fashions. That is due in part to the tendency to always seek out novelties typical of curious people, partly to imitation and partly to the misguided but frequent one-upmanship of newcomers who somehow feel they must flaunt a brighter plumage than the competition to attract some attention.

The latest fad seems to be erotic hypnosis : once a tiny subculture, it has now gained enough traction that it even appeared on mainstream media such as Vice. All of a sudden, lots of people seem to be practicing it at kinky parties, holding workshops about it or participating to gatherings large and small dedicated to putting someone in a trance for sexual purposes.

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And what about the legions of online wannabe Svengalis? I guess this is also the time, then, to take a closer look at this phenomenon. The appeal of erotic hypnosis is pretty self-evident, and it is anything but new. The common trait of those scams was their intended target: insecure teenagers wishing for a magic solution to turn them into sex gods… or at least to finally get some, whatever it took.

This is the true main audience of the amateur hypnosis industry: socially maladjusted people who never learned how to relate with their fellow humans and instead of bettering themselves hope to circumvent their faults through improbable artificial aids. They also are, fortunately, exactly the type of people who do not pose any serious risk simply because they will hardly ever gain the opportunity to put the theory into practice.

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But there is another category into this kind of activity. Sexual explorers — especially within the BDSM community — generally have no difficulty in finding erotic hypnosis game partners. Assuming that they are mature, ethical people, there is no malice or abuse of power in their interactions: everything is SSC safe, sane and consensual. A trance is but a tool like rope for bondage, say, with the added bonus of allowing far more bizarre and creative forms of play. Who, by the way, usually do not practice hypnotism at all. This is not my opinion, but fact as stated by the most authoritative book on the subject.

Actual hypnosis is a mental state of both deep relaxation and hyperattention that can also be reached under the guidance of another person, and that allows direct communication with the unconscious part of the mind. Such extreme cases, however, are more the exception than the rule.

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Zoning out in front of a television or a video game is another common form of trance. Really, there is nothing mysterious to the hypnotic state. The trick simply lies in getting the brain in a relaxed state that feeds itself into deeper and deeper relaxation. This is also why you cannot learn how to properly do it from a book of standard spiels or from a YouTube video. A good hypnotist carefully scrutinizes the subject, recognizes their relaxation and tension als, and builds on them using a mix of numerous techniques.

Everybody can do it with relative ease, but they have to study and practice quite hard to actually be any good. Another frequent assumption is that while in a trance state you can be forced to behave against your will or beliefs. This is not entirely true: due to its very nature, a properly conducted hypnosis session can be seen erotic hypnosis game a sort of an excuse for the unconscious to do whatever it already wanted to, free from the reins of the conscious mind.

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The hypnotist is merely a guide in this process, making sure to contain unwanted excesses or digressions. On the other hand, if you have ever seen an example of unethical hypnosis, such as the famous Derren Brown special The Assassinyou know that abuse of the method is also a concrete possibility. Sure, comparing regular people to a professional mind-tricker is unfair and various works examine case histories of actual criminal and extreme use of hypnosis that went nowhere in the end … but ethics is the real point that most erotic hypnosis enthusiasts underestimate.

Let me be as clear as it gets here: hypnosis cannot be treated as a game.

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Again, this is not the opinion of a mere kink educator, but it comes from no less than the absolute authority on the unconscious: doctor Sigmund Freud. Of course erotic hypnosis is cool and attractive, there are no doubts about it. But picture it like this: you have someone who is positively willing to become an abusable puppet; a power imbalance dynamic that exacerbates all sorts of triggers; the sexual arousal that turns all emotions way past 11; and another person who most probably has but a passing knowledge of techniques that require years of actual study to be half-reliable.

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Can you imagine in how many ways this could go very, very wrong? Well, not really. That is how it should be, indeed. But I hope I have explained how improbable is for your sexy hypnotist to really be competent, and how similarly unlikely it is that the subject has thoroughly negotiated and consented to every minute detail of the experience. At the very least, whenever they are in a deep trance they are not aware of the reality around them, and therefore unable to revoke their consent in case of any problem!

Unfortunately, feeling sure of your abilities is not the same as actually possessing them. But look on the bright side: even forsaking erotic hypnosis, you still have hundreds of other, much safer kinky games to enjoy! I'm glad you like this article. This website contains many more - as well as books, podcasts and videos, helpful for enjoying unusual sexualities in a more conscious, ethical and fun way.

However, if you are struggling in this area right now, remember that as a coach I can help you achieve the happiness you deserve. My experience is at your service to work out together the most effective way to overcome any difficulty. Got issues in erotic hypnosis game erotic life? Reclaim your pleasure with the help of a coach. Erotic hypnosis — The game you really cannot play. Try also reading Not really. Do you like this site? Interesting, huh? Pin It on Pinterest.

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Erotic hypnosis game

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