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This drinking game also known as the Pyramid Drinking Game encourages you to swear up a storm! We highly recommend that you pair your beer with our koozies with pockets. Chech them out at Amazon. For example, a two of hearts and a two of spades are a match. This cycle keeps going until every card in the pyramid has been flipped. Obviously, the player with the most leftover cards at the end loses.

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Note: If nobody has a match, everyone drinks. The rules listed above are perfect for an easy drinking game. What happens when they guess wrong: If this happens, they have to drink as many drinks as the is on the card. Different rules apply to face cards: If a player guesses wrong, they have to drink for three counts. The player with the most leftovers is the ultimate loser and has to take their punishment like a champ. Beer works best for this one and you should have a beer mug to place in the center of the table.

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The next player then has five seconds to come up with a sentence that ends in a rhyme with the first one. The sentences can be about anything. Second, the dealer kicks off the game by shuffling the deck. Then the dealer places 13 cards, face down, on the table in the shape of a pyramid.

Next, the dealer hands out all the cards.

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Next, the dealer flips over the card on the bottom right corner of the pyramid. If another player also has a matching card, they have three seconds to slam it down on top of the first couple of cards. Again, the group counts down from three.

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The round ends when nobody else has a matching card. Now is when you see how much poor Russ has to drink. The of cards in the matching pile determine how many shots Russ has to drink.

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The cards are just in a loose pile. If the card matches, the next person in the circle says a color then draws. This keeps going on until a player guesses the wrong color. Back to Overview 2. As you can see when you lay out the cards in pyramid formationthere is a total of five rows. Back to Overview 3.

Now fuck off!

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Drinking Game: Fuck You