Game error g12

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Gents and gent-ettes, help me out here. I've been running PS2 on low-medium settings and I have experienced odd crashes. The game seems to freeze up for the briefest of moments and then closes without any error. Once or twice the game has also opened my Chrome and redirected me to the ''Game Error G12'' .

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Change was done as a part of troubleshooting. Latest changes included a full system reinstall.

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As a part of the test, Windows Gaming, Discord and Steam overlays all are disabled. PS2 Steam Version, everything running as admin. Also tried running with and without MSI Afterburner installed on the system.

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I am just kind of out of ideas at this point. The game usually crashes two or three times with small intervals, then remains stable for a hour, only to start crashing again. Does not seem to be impacted by battle size or continent.

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I really could use your help on this as I cannot lead any squ if I risk getting booted all the time. Original Post — Direct link. A G12 error is typically related to possibly out of date graphics drivers.

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I'm sure you've already verified, but would be double check to make sure you are running the latest video card drivers? July 08, - PC Hotfix.

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NSO guns should have stripes of their faction color ingame. Either red, blue or purple depending on which faction you are ased to. Super happy with the purchase! Sites devtrackers.

Game error g12

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