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Discussion Reviews 2. Prev 1 … Go to. First Prev 6 of 10 Go to. Punkreas Active Member. Aug 11, Wow, this is probably the worst Kagura Games release so far maybe on the same level as terrible laboratorygreat plot, but poorly executed, even the cgs lacks a little of "emotion" i'm glad i didn't bought this one on Steam Next releases will probably be OneOne1's Ideology in Friction, and the Detective Girl of Steam City but i'm looking forward to Dark Hero Party and Apostle.

Apr 5, OGustavo said:. Reactions: Kuroc and Cavpal.

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Oriloceech Newbie. Oct 19, 63 Fat ugly old man protagonist? Hell yes. Get cucked, peasants. Reactions: Cavpal. Respected User. Former Staff. Aug 3, 3, 26, Edited tag. Audi Space Frame Newbie. Mar 20, 54 Reposting the semi-walkthrough found on the other thread: Audi Space Frame said:. Updating the walkthrough with some changed names from the Kagura Version. All credit to original poster. Found on ULMF. Spoiler: Kinda sorta guide to gettin girl?

Log in or register now. Spoiler: A more indepth guide. You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Spoiler: Updated Walkthrough You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Reactions: Ezramesorugratl and 2 others. SD18 Newbie. Nov 2, 98 Reactions: 52sokrATyrantnyx and Cavpal. JeffTheGreat Member. Nyanyanyanyanyanom New Member. Mar 19, 2 0. What hell u talking about? Kagura only translated the games. They no concern with developing games. DC Member. Jul 24, I'm talking about their choice on translate this one instead of so many better games out there, even on their list of upcoming games.

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Reactions: FarhanKuroc and Nerro. Nyanyanyanyanyanom said:. JeffTheGreat said:. ShibariErza Newbie. Apr 25, 47 1. DC said:. When you meet a girl, if you fulfill confession conditions, you will get them to make a confession. In that case, once you fulfill their marriage conditions, you will blackmail them during their wedding night.

Else, they will just get married normally. Holy road game walkthrough this, you preach twice for 2 cgs, then Aria will give you a choice, first is to throw them into the brothel to make more money, which nets no cg, second converts them, which is essentially making them your slaves, and third is declaring them a heretic, which will make them Aria's slaves. I recommend converting them in this case, since you can punish them as a witch and declare them a heretic after punishing them as a witch.

As for the conditions, please look at the 4th or 5th of Virgin Lode found on this site. Note: The walkthrough on the other thread has a small mistake, in order to get Teresa to appear, you need to convert Raymont. Assguy Newbie. Jan 4, 59 I pass my turn. I'm sad,it's a shame kagura's games help with this game. Jan 14, Actually the bishop reminds of a character in Berserk series, i think he was bishop as well or a king?

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FuckersGulch Newbie. Jul 16, 25 Is it netorare or netori? There's a pretty big difference. Suryujin Active Member. Oct 6, FuckersGulch said:. Goufus New Member. Jun 25, 9 1. Well the guides they gave us were great and who completed the gallery and shared it is also appreciated but I am one of those players who likes to finish the game on their own, with the exception of some final bad, for which I want to share how these are avoidedthe most castrating is that of Aria murdering you, so I'll start with her.

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Aria: We have all met with her killing us, as it is avoided because there are 2 ways, the first is giving them to Aria, which can be done when they give us the 3 options of the girls, or 2 options if you blamed them for witches, blaming a girl of being a witch and giving it to Aria helps to obtain the Cardinal finals, and of Pope end, it is easy to know who does not mark as a witch with the guides that they already gave us thanks to those who did itthe other option that there is is do witch hunts from time to time so do not try to kill yourself since this improves your mood I did not get the bad end of running out of faith, or staying without continuity, let's be honest you have to be very bad to lose because of that.

If it is understood, it is because I use google as a translator but I hope I have helped since I read a lot that people got fed up with Aria killing them. Baharomont Holy road game walkthrough Member. Aug 28, Hey Guys, I wanna Translete this Game But how do it?

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How unpack and repack agayn? How open files with text? KasandraA said:. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

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