Human breeding games for adults

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Fortunately, now anyone can have a virtual pet right on their phone. There are lots of breeding games for Android and iOS that empower you to take care of virtual pets. And these pets are not just usual animals — there are butterflies, frogs, birds, fishes, magical creatures, and even dragons! And all of these cuties are in need of your care and attention! This is the game that empowers you to raise cute little hamsters on your mobile. This game simulates the life of the hamster and your aim here is to take care of him.

You start with a baby hamster and then watch him grow into an adult. You can feed the hamster, play with him, and heal him if he gets sick. If you consider you can handle more than one pet you can take more hamsters under your guardianship.

You can also wash your hamsters and comb their coats. There are various types of games you can play with them but some of them can only be unlocked with time. Besides, you can touch their noses, pet them, and feed them with delicious stuff. If you take care of your hamster properly you get points that you can spend on unlocking in-game items.

Herewith, human breeding games for adults can change the location of your hamster and get him a new bed. Plus, you can put your hamster in the wheel and befriend all your hamster. You can also pass mini-games to get extra points. The next app is the Bulu Monster and this is a game that permits you to human breeding games for adults a full-on monster on your mobile. It also needs to be said that the monsters in the app look a lot like pokemon so it is clear where the developers got inspiration from.

You need to find the monster and train him to fight against other users. But still, you can feed the monster, play with him, and give him medical help. There are more than monster species in this game and you can pick the one you like the most. All monsters have unique abilities you can develop. When you train your monster well and take good care of him you get points that you can spend on increasing your pet.

You can play this game even without the internet so you can take it wherever you go. The game also has a versatile shop with lots of useful stuff you can get for your monster. When you feel that you can raise more than one monster you can get yourself another one. This game imitates the way of life in the aquarium and does a good job with it.

Your aim in this app is to breed beautiful fishes to sell them for money. You can bread from up to species of fish but some of them take time to be unlocked. On top of that, you need to develop your aquarium, decorate it, and repair all the cracks. You start with a small old aquarium and have the ability to improve it while moving through the game. As you start selling fish you can spend the money on decorations, new species of fish.

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You can also but snails for your aquarium and even turtles. If your fish get sick you can take it to the vet. My Singing Monsters is the game that empowers you to breed musical monsters ad listen to their songs. You start this game with an empty island and your aim is to turn it into a singing monster paradise. Thus, you can get a pair of little monsters and watch them grow into adults. There are more than a hundred monster species so you have lots of options to choose from.

While your monster is growing you need to feed him, play with him, and do everything to make him happy. If you treat your monsters right you will get in-game coins that you can spend to unlock new monster species and buy other cute stuff for your island.

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You can decorate the island, build houses for the monsters, and all that. When your monsters grow they sing along and the more monsters you bread the more beautiful the song will be. You can also play with your mates and take your monsters to see their islands. Therewith, you can breed new hybrids of monsters and create your own unique species. There are different classes of monsters — from flying ones to the ones that live underwater. Flutter: Butterfly Sanctuary is an app that enables you to have your own arboretum full of gorgeous butterflies.

Your aim in the game is to collect butterflies in your forest sanctuary and enjoy the view. You start from the hatch and watch the caterpillar bugs grow into beautiful creatures. You can also expand your forest and add new trees and flowers to it. The app covers more than species of butterflies and caterpillars that simulates the real-life species. All of them are beautifully colored and the app has HQ animation that you will enjoy.

When you take care of your butterflies properly you get points that you can spend on unlocking new species. You can also unlock new locations for your sanctuary. You can also use points to get delicious food the butterflies will love. DragonVale is an app that permits you to breed dragons. Your main aim in this game is to hatch and bereaved the colony of cute dragons. You start with an egg and watch your dragon come out and grow into a full-on beast. For now, here are more than dragon breeds you can pick from and each one unique ability. There are earth dragons, wind and fire dragons, and even the ones that live undersea.

You can feed your dragon, play with him, increase his abilities, and take care of him if he gets sick. If you take good care of your dragon you get points that you can spend on various things. You can also take part in challenges and races with other users. You can also decorate the location of your dragon and unlock new ones. Furthermore, you can connect with your mates in the game and raise the dragons collectively.

The app has an HQ graph and a great soundtrack that human breeding games for adults you into the atmosphere of the game. As its name suggests, Pocket Frogs is an app that enables you to carry Tamagotchi frogs on your mobile wherever you go. This game simulates the life real life of frogs.

The only exception is these frogs are pretty and colorful, and they take part in races. You start with a couple of tiny little frogs and lead the to the fully-grown adults. All frogs are of different colors and have unique abilities.

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The game enables you to breed for up to frogs at ones. You also get a particular amount of coins you can spend to develop your frogs. If you treat your frogs well you get more coins. You can also unlock new species and other things that can make your frogs happy. On top of that, you can breed new breeds by blending tow different classes of frogs. The game can run online and offline which is also great. Your aim in this game is to grow a horse that will take part in races and win.

As you start, you get to choose the ranch for your further horse. There are lots of options located in the US, Germany, France, and even on a majestic island. Next, you get the foal that is yet to be a grown-up horse. Herewith, you need to take care of your horse, feed it, play with it, and take it to the vet if it gets sick. It needs to be said, the environment human breeding games for adults your horse affects its well-being a lot.

Thus, you need to make sure your farm is clean, the grass is green and there are lots of beautiful trees and flowers growing there. The game covers multiple famous species of horses you can pick from ponies to the mustang. Furthermore, you can try various leg wraps and saddles that will make your horse unusual. Monster Legends is the game that empowers you to create a world full of unusual creatures and monsters.

Your aim in this game is to breed monsters and raise them to fight in arena battles. The app now covers more than kinds of monsters and there are new ones that appear every week. All monsters have unique abilities that are usually related to one of the elements — fire, water, earth, or wind. There are flying monsters, the earth tones, and ones that live in water and even the monsters that are underground.

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You get to feed your monsters, play with them, and take care of them if they need medical help. Wherein, you can increase the powers of your creatures to stand against the opponents in the arena. You can also unlock new locations for your monsters and breed new breeds of your own. Therewith, you can the teams of users to take part in real group battles. This game has more than dragon breeds you can choose from.

Human breeding games for adults

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