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Jasonafexalso known as Vergence born July 3,is a furry artistanimatorwriter and podcaster from Western Australia.

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He is married to furry kabier games Kabier Genesisliving together in Ontario, Canada. He has remained active in the furry community as a regular content creator for over 8 years. Jasonafex's fursonaVergenceis a cross between a lizard and a raptor. The character has become a brand mascot over the years, appearing in several animations, comics, games and apparel. A full timeline and backstory for Vergence was created in for Jasonafex.

Jason began his furry career ingrowing in popularity on FurAffinity for his Flash animationscollaborating with many popular furry artists to create the illusion of movement and depth with their static artwork. Many of his animations feature artwork created by his wife Kabier who became a frequent collaboration partner over time. He would slowly transition away from animation and into other forms of media over the next few years.

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In he announced he was working on a furry adult dating game titled Amorousreleasing a demo of the game in November of that year. InJason began work on a furry adult Beat 'em up named Bare Backstreets[3] publishing a demo before discontinuing development to focus on Amorous. Jason would announce BBS would be returning to full development in via a trailer made on his Youtube channel [4] with a new frame by frame animation art style. Also inJason experimented with interactive flash games in collaboration with Kabier and Skydeertoons.

InJason would post his last game made in flash Toy Tester [8] before kabier games onto making games in Unity. He would then release Fursona Maker later that year for free. The comic has since been moved to his website Jasonafex.

A non-canon sequel titled Christmas Came Early was ed shortly after on FurAffinityfeaturing rhyming narrator Seth from the game Amorous [12]. Later that year Jason and Kabier released Man's Best Friend With Benefits on FurAffinity that featured a love triangle between an anthro cat, his girlfriend and his stray feral dog.

The comic Servants of the Serpents would be released the following year in with new characters, villains and an overarching slave plot. In they released Double Trouble to FurAffinitya comic featuring a female Lynx and two giant feral wolves. Patreon also had concerns that the main character did not consent on certain s. Kabier games Jason released Bareback Valley to Fur Affinitynoting the first time humans have appeared in their comics. Patreon also had concerns that the anthro characters did not consent on certain s. Two versions of the comic exist to support both formats, with the original human version now being hosted on Subscribestar.

Jasonafex began a podcast in titled The Cuckshackwhere he discusses events in the furry fandom and hosts members of the fandom as guests. In Jason launched a new website Jasonafex. Jasonafex From WikiFur, the furry encyclopedia. Jump to:search.

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Kabier games

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