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Last half a year we were working on act2 in parallel rather less successful then more while keeping act1 running.

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As a result we had pretty few outcomes for act2 - it turned out surprise! For example it is pretty hard next to impossible to hire extra artist, who can keep up with current game style, or extra leave2gether game, who can do stuff at current level as well. The plan is to make last act1 release around January I can't promise that we will have act2 ready for some playable point at January nor that we will have any scenes ready for it till that time - but moving to act2 is a hard step that need to be taken. View Profile leave2gether. FANS 2. Support project Development blog Tumblr blog Twitter. Whistle: Normal.

Medals: 3. Latest News More. New version 36 is out public 34 and we have some project info to sum up. We've learned from this, and changed our plan. We continue act2 development in parallel Right now I'm doing a kind of Unity-based scene-maker framework, that will allow to setup dialogue scenes nice, fast and easy.

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As well as we are doing characters and locations concepts We draw and end-line for act1 The plan is to make last act1 release around January Recent Game Medals 15 Points. Weaboo Power 5 Points Kill the zombie.

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Splash 5 Points Go down the waterslide from the roof of the school. Episode 5 5 Points Start the last Dead Detention episode. Latest Favorite Audio More. Boss trainfuck 2. Panthea - leave2gether: Boss trainfuck 2. Second act of Casey' stories, first version. Panthea - leave2gether act2 v1. Panthea - leave2gether v31 Latest Playlists.

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Leave2gether game

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