Let me in game walkthrough

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Return to Other sexy games. Let Me In v1. Open a thread in this section is reserved for active members, read the rules before submit a game. Post a reply. As a lowly goblin, can you talk your way into the princess' tower?

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Let Me In is a new game project I've deed, with a gameplay style based around typing phrases directly to the princess in real language, and trying to persuade her by saying things you've come up with yourself. This is the full release version. Follow the link above to my website, and you can follow the link through to the download there. Evidently my backer site cannot be named in this post, but that's where the public download is hosted. Re: Let Me In v0. On the games department how is PAL doing?

Doggy style noun A sexual position which allows both participants to watch TV. PM me.

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Any tips? But stuck there. She want to know my injury Well done so far! It seems a bit too much trial and error for my liking, i was bashing anything i could think of in until i finally hit something she liked and then kept hitting walls.

Also, for the guy who was asking about injuries.

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Tell her you got bit by a snake, and then ask if she can suck the venom out. I didn't get any points in trust or approval, but that seemed to help convince her i think. I feel like I am banging my head against the tower wall now. Last edited by Gio on Sun, 15Jun28edited 13 times in total.

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It's maybe impossible to ask her other things but I can't ask her something other than just flash 3 parts of her body Took an hour or so and multiple attempts. The idea was a very good one and once I finally got through it I could see the enjoying side to it. However, whilst playing it, things were very different. I don't think I have ever been so wound up and fustrated by something and many times I had to just minimise the game and open up efukt or something just to chill out and calm down and remind myself it was only a game.

But very good idea and keep it up BBBen!!!! Still a big fan and still playing PA:C even after all this time. OnShown EventArgs e at System. CallShownEvent at System. InvokeMarshaledCallbacks at System.

Let me in game walkthrough

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[NSFW] "Let Me In" Or "How to Conquer the Princess' Tower".