Love in the limelight game

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If you are sick of XXX visual novels getting censored here love in the limelight game the West then Love in the Limelight is the game for you! It is a fun visual novel that has a fair bit of charm about it all and while it is short, I do feel that this is actually a plus in favor of the game. While there are multiple girls that you can hook up with in Love in the Limelight. The real meat of the story on offer here is that you for some reason have caught the eye of an up-and-coming actress.

Your association with her brings you a little bit of fame yourself in your little town and now you go about your life trying to use this to its fullest. It is not going to knock your socks off or anything like that. However, the characters are interesting enough, especially the main ones, and in all it is a story that is very easy to get through.

By a mile what captures your attention the first time that you see Love in the Limelight is the amazing visuals. This is a very nice-looking visual novel. The artwork here is truly amazing stuff and each of the girls has her own look and I do not think there is one unappealing looking character in this game. This is aided by the backgrounds which look good too.

Granted the characters look so nice, you will not care about the backgrounds, but at least they fit in. One of the big selling points of this game is the fact that you do not need to mess around with a patch to get all of the XXX content. It is included even in the basest version of this game. You may think that as a result of this it is going to be pretty tame, but that is not the case! This game is very full-on with the nudity and sex that it shows.

The gameplay of Love in the Limelight is pretty much what you would expect. You spend most of your time reading the story and at various points, you will get the chance to make decisions. These decisions will shape the way the story you are experiencing will unfold.

This is a pretty short game, but you can quickly load your saves if you make a mistake. I am not sure it is the kind of game I would bother seeing all the endings for, but what I experienced I did find enjoyable. I think that this is a damn solid visual novel. The thing about Love in the Limelight is that it is not doing anything to really stand out. Ok, so the fact it is uncensored is huge and perhaps this can pave the way for future STEAM releases to follow. However, even though the story had its charm and it looked great; I am not sure I would play it all the way through to see it all.

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Browse games Game Portals. Love in the Limelight. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots Dating A Hollywood Starlet! Overall rating: 8. Download Love in the Limelight. Lewd Island.

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Love in the limelight game

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Love in the Limelight