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Negligee: Love Stories is one of the more interesting erotic games that you will ever play. While you may think that this is a straight-up sequel to the other Negligee game. The fact of the matter is that Negligee: Love Stories works as a hybrid of a sequel and a prequel which is pretty cool. While the first Negligee game had one main protagonist. Negligee: Love Stories actually has four different stories negligee game free download feature four very different girls to play through.

The story for me is one of the best things about this game and I would say that it is actually better than what the first game offered. What makes this great is not just that it gives you different stories to play through. Each of the four main girls and the people they encounter, both male and female are very different. When it comes to erotic games, looks are very important. Negligee: Love Stories looks like most other visual novel style games if I am honest, but that this not really a bad thing. The girls are super cute and of course, you get to see them in all their glory as you progress through the game.

I like how there are more characters this time around as there is going to be someone for everyone. The different locations in the game have a nice style to them too. As Negligee: Love Stories is a visual novel erotic game. That means you will be spending a lot of your time reading as you play the game.

Thankfully the stories that are told here are pretty interesting and quite different. You will need to talk to people and pay attention to what they say so you can move things along in the direction you want.

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You do have different choices that you can make when talking to people. As you would expect this can be the difference between hooking up with someone and not! The game does have a pretty handy save feature so if you mess something up it is pretty easy to go back and change your choices so you can get the ending that you want. Speaking of ending, Negligee: Love Stories does have different ones for you to experience. This, of course, does give you a reason to go and play through the different stories on more than one occasion.

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I do feel that Negligee: Love Stories is a better game than the first. There is just much more substance here and the different girls do make the overall game more interesting. As far as erotic games go, I really did have a lot of fun with this one and think that it is easy enough to get into and the characters are interesting enough that it does get you pretty invested into what is happening. Negligee: Love Stories is one of the most interesting lewd kind of games around. The original Negligee was a smash hit and this one here takes things to the next level and features even more super-hot hentai style girls for you to have your way with.

If you love uncensored action in your games then you will like what Negligee: Love Stories is offering. Each story features different girls and scenarios for you to experience. While having four stories is great, what really makes this one of the bets lewd games around is the fact that each of the four stories has different endings to experience.

You can choose what you say and what you say can have a dramatic effect on the outcome of the story. This gives you a reason as well as the hot hentai girls of course to play through each story multiple times. One of the best things about Negligee: Love Stories is the way that negligee game free download stories do not take themselves too seriously. The stories in this game move along at the perfect pace which keeps it interesting, fresh, funny and thanks to the uncensored nature of the game, very hot too!

If you like erotic visual novel-style games, Negligee: Love Stories is one that you are going to have a lot of fun with. It features a great cast girls to hook up with and many different scenarios too! Negligee: Love Stories is a fantastic follow up to the original Negligee game that takes what that game did and expands upon it in every way imaginable.

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If you are a fan of erotic games that have a lot of fun, charm, and personality as well as super-hot girls, this is the perfect entotic visual novel for you to play through. The first big change that is worth talking about is the story. Negligee featured just one girl to play as, Negligee: Love Stories actually has four different stories for you to play through. From the name of each one, you probably get an idea of the way each of the stories is going to go. Much like the first game, each story has different things for you to say to the people you are trying to get into bed.

This gives the game plenty of replay value as not only do we have multiple stories to play. The different stories have multiple outcomes that can occur depending on what you do. I feel that the stories move at a much brisker pace in Negligee: Love Stories than the story in the first game did and that is great. It still can be rather tough to know for sure what to say, but that is part of the fun of trying to get one of the girls into you.

In all Negligee: Love Stories is a great follow up and I would say an overall better game than the first. Negligee: Love Stories is an erotic game that is just awesome if you are a fan of the original Negligee. One of the more interesting aspects of Negligee: Love Stories is that it works as both a prequel and a sequel to the original Negligee. This time though you have four different characters, each one with their own story for you to explore.

The story is the strongest aspect of Negligee: Love Stories and I think that as far as erotic and sexy games go, Negligee: Love Stories is one of the better as far as the story is concerned. This negligee game free download around you have four stories to play through. Each of the four main ladies in question is very different. The stories that take place are also quite different. The different stories that you play do have different endings and there are also epilogues that you can experience which are set after the original Negligee game.

So, there is a lot negligee game free download bang and banging for your buck with Negligee: Love Stories as far as the story goes. One thing that I feel that Negligee: Love Stories does better than the first game actually is having better male characters in it. As far as the presentation of Negligee: Love Stories goes I really do like it.

As is the case with other erotic games as far as the ladies go there is someone for everyone here. I really like how clean and smooth the art style is and while there is a lot of sexy and mature scenes in the game. You really do have to give the artists a lot of credit for how great they look. I think that the fact they managed to make each of the four girls look distinctively different really does help make them stand out more. It actually makes you want to play through each of the stories! Negligee: Love Stories is a visual novel erotic game. That right there should tell you all you need to know about it.

As I said there are four different stories for you to play through and each negligee game free download has many different choices for you to make and different endings to discover as a result of these choices. You may want to hook up with a guy, you may want to hook up with a girl or heck, you may want to hook up with everyone! You can save your game which is handy. This way if you mess up a dialogue exchange you do not have to replay the whole story to fix it and get what you want. While I thought that the first Negligee game was pretty decent. For me there is just much more fun to be had with Negligee: Love Stories.

I like how there are four very different girls to play as and each story does have a rather different feel to it. The game looks like a million bucks and the ladies are certainly very hot indeed. In all, I think that Negligee: Love Stories is a more interesting game than the first one. Browse games Game Portals. Negligee: Love Stories. Install Game. Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game.

Game review Downlo Screenshots Meet The Girls While the first Negligee game had one main protagonist. Overall rating: 8. Download Negligee: Love Stories. Overall rating: 7. Lewd Island. Summer Fling. GameFabrique

Negligee game free download

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