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Porn cinema? I've never been to a porn cinema.

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What do you have to do to go there? Thanks for your hard work, enjoying it very much. You're welcome : It's one of the places men can take you when you're on a date, but you need to let them decide what to do, and only sleazy men will take you there. There's something I've been fiddling around with recently to test, but I'm not sure if it's deliberate, newlife sex game if there's a bug involved: If you're being intimate with a partner, but not engaged in penetrative sex, and you bring him off in a risky way, the scene will make a note that his seed has gotten all over your bits, and your "Risky Inseminations" will go up, as though he came inside you As a result, though, I've been trying to get a character 'virgin pregnant', but so far, despite a very high risky insemination count, haven't had any luck achieving it.

It is possible, and it does result in some unique text in the stats screen. It is possible, but the risk is lower than if he finishes inside you. Try taking the fertility treatment from your doctor. Any girlfriends progress? Maybe a one time, random trigger where Ivy drops by to check on you when you're especially stressed?

Female friends are still a way off, probably not this month. I want to have the friendship content with the existing npcs at a much more advanced stage first. I'll admit that I thought the DVD thing seemed a little behind the curve, but I just chalked it up to the player staying off the grid by sticking to physical media. Well, there's the streaming video thing, and also the bit where Blu-Ray players can now be had for under a hundred quid. Not even. It's pretty newlife sex game just you and me. All the other comments are just my alts.

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It's true. Not sure why I felt the need to admit that through one of my alts though Great game! One of my favourites ever! I have a couple of questions sorry, they probably have been asked before Btw, as soon as i can i'll try a support this game on patreon anyway, great job! Perhaps not ever.

While it would be a nice thing to have in the game, it's yet another level of complexity to all the descriptions.

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I already find that the of traits and character variables can make adding content very slow, so I'm reluctant to put more in if they aren't in the core plan. I may consider some when the storyline update goes in and I need to think up side-effects for mistakes with the mad science skill. There'll be a further update based on pregnancy I call it Lactation is right at the top of that list. Thank you very much for answering my questions! I'll try and keep my fingers crossed for the height thing ; LowKey. Is there a way to tell which guys are going to treat me like crap in this game?

I encountered one so far and I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of when I was back in my first year of college. Had a boyfriend who treated me like scum but I loved him too much to care. I enjoyed my newlife sex game in this game and would love to meet another guy in the game like that. I can't remember the settings I used for that character, and never encountered it before.

I was working out in the gym, the guy took me out in the alley called me a cow and was very demeaning throughout it. All the other guys I have met in all my play throughs have always been pretty nice to me. There are five personalities types, as I understand it; nice guys, romantic guys, selfish jerks and absolute arseholes, as well as 'average' ones. These, and several other more specific personality traits go into deciding how a guy will act or react around you. In the normal course of the game, you discover these traits by spending time with them and getting to know them, though if you're playing the patron build, you can tweak the rate at newlife sex game different types of guys are encountered so if you want you can set them to all be jerksand also pick up a cheat trait that reveals their entire personality to you immediately in their character screen.

Some npcs are generated separately from the normal algorithms, though I'm not completely sure which ones. I know that, for example, the rich client is always a sleezebag. I didn't know there was a sex scene attached to the gym activity, and was about to piss and moan about that part of the game lacking in x-rated activities. Instead I'll just have to whine about how it isn't handled in the way I think it should be. Hi there. This is something that I may need to look into at some point, but guys who treat you badly usually have bad personalities combined with low liking for your character.

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I've had a few people tell me they don't like that asshole npcs will "mellow out" as your relationship improves, so perhaps there should be something that keeps them mean the whole time. I do want to keep it so that at least some scumbags can be "won over" and start treating you better if they grow to like you. Of course, they'll still be scum in their evil little hearts.

If you want guys to treat you badly in the current version, then consider taking traits that'll make it harder for them to like you. The obvious one is Bitchy, but Shy also makes guys enjoy conversation with you less, unless they prefer cute girls. What activity were you doing at the gym?

Not sure where you most like to receive bug and text reports, Splendid Ostrich, so if there's a better place, then please do let me know, but I did promise to go through and pick out some of the text oddities that were still hanging around, so, here are the ones I'm aware of, as of the newest build. Most of these are text oddities arising from female starts, however, a couple are equally applicable to any start: While in bed, Straddle position, while wearing pajama bottoms or other restrictive pants: If you straddle while fully dressed, you have the option of pulling the bottoms down to your thighs - a situation that a little newlife sex game close to physically impossible.

Many of the 'Bed' scene actions don't make a lot of sense if performed while straddled, but this one jumped out at me, as an actual option subsequently, the description also mentions, of course, that they're at your thighs, and holding your legs together You lift your legs to let him take it off completely, and he drops it to the floor. With a curling motion, you rub your fingertip against the front wall, and gasp out loud as your sensitive body responds with a near-overwhelming pulse of pleasure that feels like an electric shock going through your lower body.

Maybe we gave a lot of handies in high school, but this still feels a little odd. Thanks : I've fixed some of these. Others have issues that make newlife sex game hard to fix based on how the scenes are structured, but I've left notes to look into possible solutions. Not sure if this has been asked recently but i was wondering if there will sometime be clothing options for the legwear such as stockings and such?

Oh, absolutely. I'm not sure exactly when, but it'll definitely get added at some point. It's likely to get added before then though. So I've just managed to catch-up to 3. I'm glad to hear that making friends is now going to be easier. A couple of suggestions, though: 1. Maybe have an option when having sex with certain guys to ask them to knock you up, not just warn them that you're unprotected? It kinda annoys me that I have to go to the clinic twice when pregnant - once to find out I'm pregnant, another to get the acceleration treatment. Would it be possible for the PAT to be offered to you as soon as you find out you're preggers?

Anyway, thanks newlife sex game all the work on this game! You can get a fertility treatment from the doctor in 0. I might put in a fertile trait, but not yet. I think I'd pair that with "infertile" which will go in when evil npcs get to sabotage your pill so people who hate pregnancy stuff will always have a guaranteed 'out'. This will come with the relationship update. There'll be the option to set a "trying for baby" status.

No, but 0. It stacks with the others, but of course the first one you get halves the time taken for pregnancy so you get a big impact even from just one. Uh, infertile has negative implications have a couple of friends who are having problems because of it which may lead certain people who might otherwise enjoy your game to be seriously miffed. Since I know that not every person likes preg, or rape-play, or, uh, I don't know what other problematic fetish is in the game.

Hmmm this game mechanics would be great for a guy gameplay where you chase girls with different traits and stuff but thats definitely not what you are planning for his project. Would it be possible to simply play as a girl without any gender bender stuff- it kinda breaks the immersion imo. Good news there - that's in the game already.

Choose one of the "female start" options and you'll get an alternative storyline where you begin as a woman.

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Not really, no. The changes needed would be massively excessive - in particular the UI would need to be completely rewritten from scratch. Maybe this has been aswered before, but is it impossible to breakup with the current boyfriend? I've been kicking him out and ignoring him forever and he keeps asking me out! Talk about obcession! Proper breakups will come with the relationships major update. Right now, there are a few ways a relationship can end if you get pregnant, although they won't always be available.

There's also a situation when you make a new friend in 0.

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Do you plan to add more stuff in the cinema like, if some other man ed in? Do you plan on adding threesomes at all in the game? Do you plan to expand on the going clubbing scene at all? If you do any of those i will support the living shit out of yoy :D Regardless, thanks for making this awesome game.

Glad you're enjoying it : I actually thought I'd answered this, but apparently not.

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Sorry for the wait!

Newlife sex game

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