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Mar 1, 0 comments. Drinking games are the perfect party icebreaker, whether you want to get it started or keep it going. So when I received Who is the Biggest Pervert? I was ready to get drunk and have some fun! The game comes with game cards and 1 rule card. To play, the deck of cards is shuffled and placed on a table or counter, pervert game you can put it.

Everyone takes turns picking a card and reading it out to the other players. If no one has done the act, the card chooser takes a drink. The game continues until someone finishes their drink. This person is the biggest pervert!

These questions are blunt and dirty, so get ready to spill your secrets. I got to know many of my friends, and some people I had never met before, a lot better after that game.

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It was easy for everyone to mingle and play at the same time. It was a pervert game fun, entertaining time! It is the perfect drinking game for any occasion, and a guaranteed to get you drunk and laughing in no time. If you like our site, posts, and reviews please click our affiliate links before you purchase! Note: This review is sponsoredand I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. Some links are affiliate linkswhich help support the site. I only recommend things I would use myself! about my reviews. View More Posts by this Author.

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Game Review Mar 1, 0 comments. Want it now? Buy it here! The Rules The game comes with game cards and 1 rule card. About the Author: MermaidUrielle.

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Pervert game

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Who is the Biggest Pervert? Game Review