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About redapple2. I started animating around with different kinds of animation, mostly dickgirls and dance animations and posted them up on naughtymachinima. Now I have a patreon so that I can hopefully become a full time animator, doing this and being able to focus my time on it like I had when I began, but without the whole 'financial security' in real life aspect prevent me from being able to do such. I will link down my tumblr and NM below which you can also check out for potential updates, I don't redapple2 patreon about here. I warn you, most of my work is dickgirls, so if you do not like dickgirls, it may not be for you.

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Otherwise, I hope you enjoy! Become a patron to Recent posts by redapple2.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(469) 588-9874 x 1455

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