Sex games dice

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Use our sexy dice generator to play it online right now! This game is a fun and easy way for couples to make the foreplay more exciting. No need to be creative or to decide what you are going to do next, just let the dice decide and follow the rules. The TIME generator is optional, you can also play the game without it but most people enjoy it more with a specific time-frame.

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You can either play the flexible version and skip those tasks. Or you play the strict version which means that you have to perform every task.

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The dice makes the rules and you have to follow them! Keep it safe and enjoy your sexy time. However, did you know that there are much more advanced sex games specially deed for couples? If you are looking to take things to the next level, you should definitely read our article about Naughty Sex Games! Maybe you are in a long relationship and want to spice up your sex life by trying out some kinky ideas, but you are a little scared that your partner might not like that.

Or you want to increase the emotional intimacy. There are many different sex games for each purpose. So check out the article, linked above, to find out the perfect game for sex games dice relationship! We really hope that you enjoy our sex dice generator. If so, please share it with your friend on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or Pinterest! When we notice that enough people are playing it, we will add many more variations and new ideas to make it even more exciting!

How it works Below are three sex dice generators with moving words.

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Click on them, they will stop and each will show just one word. Now when you combine those 3 words you will get an instruction. It will tell you which action you have to perform on which body part of your partner and how long you should do it. Click on the words again so they continue to move and start from the first step.

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Sex games dice

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