The simbro game (brothel sim)

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Start date Aug 16, 2dcg animated character creation combat female protagonist lesbian male protagonist management mobile game prostitution rape rpg simulator slave turn based combat voyeurism. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 80 of 94 Go to. Sk King of Cunts Donor. Aug 27, 2, 4, OK, using the current code is idiocy. But you can create it from scratch using a different engine.

For example, Renpy. Seriously, the main difficulty is to draw sex animations for the characters, because it's expensive for me, at least.

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But as for the rest - EASY. Reactions: vaosg. TricksterAl Newbie. Nov 25, 38 Why so far no one has made a remake of this game? Seriously, if I had extra money for graphicI would have made a copy of this game a long time ago. Reactions: Leo valdez.

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Mar 19, 14 Wicked Rouge is about running a brothel. Not modern times tho. I also like Porn Empire. Not about prostitution but making porn videos. Imo almost the same xD. SirDregan Active Member. Jul 25, And it has some Lolis too! I guess that are Lolis, lol. Apr 18, 2 0. May 9, 27 9. I would like to continue plese help. ToxicLemming Member. Jul 5, ReconLegend said:.

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I think you need to delete your options. If that doesn't help I'm not sure why that's happening, I've never had that happen to me and I've been playing Simbro for awhile. That problem has been posted 10 to 20 times, can't remember if anyone had a solution other than deleting the options. Reactions: Lenzia and anonnom. Ok but every time i change the options it just works for one reload of a save. By the way how to fuck Alice? The mod starts with her dignity at 65 instead fo vanilla I already did: 1.

Ask about her story, continue until she ask if you want a blow-job. Interview with Julia, make Alice stay and ask her if she is wet. The Alice shower scene. When Cops show up, stay calm, ask her to close her eyes. Every step decreased the dignity for 5 points. But the cop scene didnt even when there was written that her dignity was decreased by 5. It was locked on 45 but should have gone to What to do? ToxicLemming said:. Vaginal sex was never implemented, however if I remember correctly after paying back the majority of the loan she gets kidanpped and you have to rescue her where she rewards you with occasional anal.

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Thank you for now i found out that the change of the language may be the problem why this bug at startup occurs. And for Alice so far: With her dignity at 45 she can be offered to random guys in the slums but cant be fucked by anyone in the hotel. This Bitch!!! Reactions: Tw Computers. Dsandr Active Member. May 12, I wonder how to distinguish between vaginal and anal sex there when the subject does not report this on purpose Actually she can fuck any of the males in the Brothel if you follow my steps above Alice can just be like the other whores, just a little different for the MC as the MC will have to wait for the Bored Whore event which is why it's a good idea to make a clone of her or a sister version of her and name her Alari.

Don't forget to drag and drop Alice to a bedroom and then Summon your male staff member and they can fuck her or just keep her in the bedroom and then select her when a client arrives unless you have a girl at the reception room that auto picks which girl a client gets then all you have to do is click on Peek and watch else have sex. You can also give her the Nymph trait by changing her body to fit and then the simbro game (brothel sim) the trait in the save from 9 to 5 just don't forget to change the body type back to 0 Ohh yea i wouldn't touch the language options i read in one of the posts that doing that caused issues.

If you don't want to do any of that then or attach your save file and I'll edit it for you. Feel free to include other things you want edited. Game Developer. Jun 19, 1, 4, Reactions: MjMr. UnawareJuan Carlos and 2 others. Yea I've been playing SimBro for way too long so much so i know most if not all of the info in the saves but really anyone can figure it out once you start editing it's quite simple, hopefully you start editing your save with minerva once you get the hang of it you'll be editing your own saves to your liking. Log in or register now.

Hope that answers everything. Hardor Newbie. May 29, 41 Any idea what is the logic after multiple traits for the characters? As far as I can tell, changing body type to one having a trait always creates one in loading the game and some characters seem to have up to three different traits, but simple copy-paste of more trait entries in the save game editing looses all but the last one on loading the game.

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The simbro game (brothel sim)

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The SimBro version b+mod+remake demo