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Return to Free sexy games. Virtual Date Girls: Lucy Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. However, I think the culprit is more likely Chaotic's business model of churning out a game every months.

With that kind of development cycle there's not a lot of time for originality or apparently testing, to beat another dead horse.

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Thanks to Chaotic for continuing to release games, even if they aren't fully beta-tested yet. I enjoy them.

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Thanks and would be appreciated. There is a maze that must be mastered, specific objectives along the way that must be found, and ultimately a goal to be achieved.

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In fact the game may be replayed three times from the beginning with different goals each time. It is a very short game, easily playable in one evening, but that is one of its strengths.

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There is no need for a guide or a walkthrough; all options can be comfortably exhausted in a matter of hours. Furthermore Chaotic gives more hints to the player in this game as to the correct course of play than he has in his most of past games. For instance:.

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As is typical in Chaotic's games, there is a shopping scenario. What is unusual for a Chaotic game is that the correct item to purchase is the obvious one. I only found one place in the game where this actually mattered, but there may be more that I didn't encounter.

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